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What Motivates People:

Making a little extra money, so you can pay off some bills.fish-eagle-hunting-1-1618987 Perhaps, $500 a month more, which would allow you to buy a few extra things for the family. How about $1,000, this would make life a little easier. Let us say $2,000, wow, you could almost quit that job. Here is some motivation, $5,000 a month, are you ready to call your boss one last time. I have seen people making $10,000 a month, well now, it is time to plan a vacation!! When people ask me how to start an online business for free, I explain to them how to make money from websites. Imagine making $10,000 a month from just one website, must be time to build another one. By joining Wealthy Affiliates you will learn how to make money online for free. Spread your wings, fly the coup and take control of your own business today!


More Motivation:

We got this, you can do all this from home. Imagine not sitting in a car everyday for hours, driving to work. Nos traff gas, no travel time, no boss, can this get any better? How about doing something you enjoy. You choose the direction and the way your business is going to be built. You are the Boss! Do you want to help people, do you have a passion or a hobby. Your audience generating, google rated, residual income producing website’s directions are completely up to you. Once you have these completed, a little weekly maintenance is all you need to keep them updated. So, motivation, how about too much time on your hands and they are full of money. Wealthy Affiliates paints a pretty picture and it is simple and effective!


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Addition Readings

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How to Make Money Online: Post describing the best of the four ways to make online money. It has a breakdown of PPS, Pay Per Sale. After that, an explanation of why Wealthy Affiliates is the best place to start your business for free.

Google Keyword Search Ranking vs Google Rank Position: Post on getting a Google Ranked page. It takes both keyword in the title and shows how they were hand picked and the development of a complete page built around them.

SEO Part 1: Part one of a post on Search Engine Optimization, includes information on definitions of search terms, getting your site indexed, adding Sitemap to your website and linking your site.

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14 thoughts on “Wealthy Affiliates

    1. Thanks Nadeed. It’s so easy to talk about all the good things that happen here. The support, direction and community are awesome. How to start an online business for free, it is so much more than that! I have made friends that truly want to see me do well. Best of luck, thanks again for your input. Greg

    1. Thanks Chrissie. Still working on the menu page, but I’m trying to make it easy to navigate. Anyone wanting to know, how to start an online business for free today, should jump in and take a look. The community is awesome, the lessons are great and the opportunity is what you make it. Best part, you get to take the direction of your business as you want to. Thanks again, Greg

  1. hello nice site easy on the eyes and a wealth of information thanks and keep putting out good content. congrats..

    1. Thanks Ken. Wealthy Affiliates makes it so easy to build beautiful websites. Everyone who is interested, should jump in a try it for free. You can have a website created today!

  2. I’m interested and intrigued! I love that your information is not overwhelming. I’m in the process of starting up a new business and one of things that worry me is intensity and information overload. I want to be successful. This information is clear, concrete and concise. I think this is just what I need!

    Thank you so much for this information.

    1. Thanks Sheila. There is no reason for the hard sell, I let my passion come out in my words. You can start your business online with a step by step process. It is easy to follow and very structured. No experience is needed because there are so many different kinds of experts here, who genuinely want to help you. Wealthy Affiliates gives you all the tools and working with WordPress to build you website is so simple and effective.

  3. Hi Greg, I am so happy I came across your website as I am thinking of starting an online business. The cost of paying someone to build, run and maintain a website for me is the what makes me a bit nervous in taking the plunge. Wealthy affiliate sounds like the right place for me. The idea of creating my own online business for free is very promising and I will definitely join you because you sound like a nice person 🙂

    Take care and thanks again for your post.

    1. Thank you Abbie, I can tell you I am completely happy with Wealthy Affiliates. If you want to know how to start an online business for free, join us and take a look around. You will feel nothing but support and positivity.

  4. Hi Greg, love love love your site, I am looking at as many sites as possible,although I have been with WA for over 12 months I still class my self as a newbee because I am very slow at getting the sites up and going. I am at the lesson know where it says “content” which scares the hell out of me and I don’t know where to start. So i am checking out as many sites as possible to get an idea what to start with. will read your blog on newbees. cheers Helen.

    1. Thanks Helen,
      I have put a lot of time into my content. So, I appreciate you kind word. Starting your online business is where you put your time in, building money making websites is a process. You do need to write what you feel and portray a message to your readers. Wealthy Affiliates teaches and fosters that kind of effort. Thanks for stopping in.

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